Randee's Story

Glen Phillips has been my healer for the past four years.  His diagnostic and healing abilities are powerful.  Before Glen’s work, I had high blood pressure and allergies that required medication.  For the past couple of years, I have been off ALL medicine.  If my blood pressure goes up, I call Glen—within a couple of minutes my blood pressure normalizes.  Also, I had a large fibroid about the size of a grapefruit—Glen was able to shrink it.  In addition, I had many unexpected life challenges the past couple of years that left me feeling upset, depressed, or with low-energy.  Glen quickly brought balance.  For me there is no more need for psychotherapy, acupuncture, or medical doctors (just for a yearly physical).  My adult daughter recently moved to London—if she has any physical concern, she calls Glen.  When she called Glen last month from England, Glen said he could taste apples—she was drinking apple juice!  Glen’s perception is just as effective next door as it is across the globe.  With doctors in the emergency room, Glen was able to diagnose correctly my 12-year-old nephew's condition before they were able to find a problem.  A friend of mine who just went through surgery—and was on chemo—claims that Glen saved her life.  For further discussion, please contact me at 415-225-1566.  Of many, he is the most gifted and dedicated healer I’ve known.  I am grateful for his presence in my life—and you too are fortunate to have found Glen Phillips.

Randee Ji Rosenfeld M.A.      

  A.N.'s Story   

 In March 2010, I experienced an excruciating pain the lower left side of my abdomen while riding my big thoroughbred.  Although I had a past history of fibroids and had occasional discomfort over the years, nothing before had been so painful as to make me think I would have to give up horseback riding, which is my therapy, hobby, and passion.  

A pelvic sonogram revealed large masses where my ovaries – both right and left –should have been.  Both were totally obscured.  Surgery was scheduled due to concerns about a possible diagnosis of a virulent form of ovarian cancer. During frantic weeks that followed, while I prepared legal papers in case of the worst possible outcome, a friend referred me to Glen Phillips.     

Glen facilitated three healing sessions, by phone.  After these sessions, I felt a lot of activity in my abdomen, so I requested a new sonogram to see if there were changes. The physician refused to order additional scans, sure that nothing could change in the short span of four weeks. Before the procedure, while waiting in pre-op, I advised my surgeon that I had done energetic healing and that she should not be surprised to find that there was nothing there. Undoubtedly, she thought I was nuts.  Laproscopic surgery revealed that the masses on both ovaries were gone, with only small, fatty deposits remaining.    

 I am sure that Glen’s work initiated an energetic transformation that removed the tumors. I am so very grateful to Glen for this healing work that allows me to look ahead to more years with my wonderful equine partners.



Heartfelt thanks to Glen Phillips and the healing touch of Jesus he imparts.  I've suffered from osteoarthritis for more than 20 years.  My fingers have deformed and by last fall I was taking 200 mg. Celebrex, 50 mg. Trammadol and a variety of supplements daily.  When my thumbs began to lock I finally discussed surgery with my doctor.  The pain was limiting my ability to ride my wonderful dressage horses, especially the lovely gray mare, PikMe.  Glen visited me just before Christmas and with a quiet prayer and gentle touch, he took away the pain.  For the past six months I have once again enjoyed my horses and working in the garden.  I have even started crocheting again, which I couldn't do for years.  Glen has been here many times since then, working quietly with the horses and taking the pains from my occasional falls and bumps.  I am eternally grateful for his gifting and his generous spirit.

Nancy Miller Serendipity Stables, Inc.


When my daughter, Claire, 7, was an infant, I knew she was wired differently than my other 3 children. By the time she was almost four, I couldn't handle her anymore.  The temper tantrums, the animal abuse, the nightmares, the phsical abuse towards her older sister, etc.  We went to primary care physicians, counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists. Their diagnosis was bipolar disorder with OCD. One medication after another, many side-effects, (some worse than the mood swings), major weight gain on my poor little girl.  Special needs pre-school also. The prognosis for her future was very bleak.Towards the end of July 2006, Glen Phillips began to work with Claire for her bipolar disorder and OCD.  After the first visit, she was calmer.  I only wished that it lasted longer than 2 hours - Glen assured me the next visit would prove to be even better. I was amazed!  The calmness lasted days, not hours.  Within 2 weeks the additional medication has been stopped and she started 1st grade at a new school, (no special needs - regular classes!) with new kids and she did great! November 2006 and she is down to 1 pill per day and we have quit seeing the therapist, due to no issues to address.  The psychiatrist just saw her and was amazed.  She will have another follow-up visit in January, but that should be it.January 3, 2007 and Claire is just about to go back to school after the holiday break.  She has been off all medication as she said she no longer needs it.  She is a totally new person and now is fun to be around. Glen Phillips is a calming influence and such a wonderful healer!  He has given me the greatest gift - my daughter - a normal kid! 

DK's Story

Trauma of breaking my right leg. Months of therapy to walk again. Trouble straightening my leg & walking in balance.  Then Glen.  In a phone session, he guided the ligaments to lengthen!  Now I can walk in balance.Had I known of Glen before, I understand that if he had heard within two hours of the break—he could have ‘set’ the bones in alignment.(I’m not planning to find out!)

D.K.—Northern California Barking Dog

 I was trying to stop our dog Patch (an 8-year-old cross-breed Maltese/St Bernard) from barking. From a quiet abode, we had moved into a homette on a busy road.  Cars, trucks, ambulances, and pedestrians going past our window night and day were greeted with BARKS!  In desperation, I sprayed the dog with ironing water when he barked.  This stopped him, but I felt sad to see the scared expression on his gentle face.From the other side of the world, I asked Glen to find out from Patch what was really going on in his mind.  Glen said the dog didn't appreciate being told off all the time with a tone of having done something wrong—so he was unhappy.  He felt trapped with no doggie door.  Glen suggested I describe the situation and ask respectfully for his cooperation.The doggie door was fitted, we all settled down, and Patch now snuggles into any chair with a soft pillow.

C.A.L.O.—Adelaide, Australia

N.Y.'s Story

I lost my dog.After sending a photo, I worked with Glen via phone. The current of grief and sadness from losing my dog lifted.  I had a lifetime of feeling less-than-worthy and being impinged upon in my personal expression and experience of life on Earth.  Since my session with Glen—where I felt a surge of energy, being cared for, and finally light in spirit—I’ve found it easier to release any negative or heavy emotions that come up.Glen is clear, gifted, and radiant with Light.