I will be in the  Boston, MA until further notice.  Contact me for any spirit parties or animal communication sessions.  Remember all sessions can be done by phone. 

**Glen is in Phoenix, AZ unless otherwise noted**

All students are required to pre-register for classes.

MEM Class Schedule

Please call for information and to register.  Limited class size. Glen will be in the Boston Massachusetts and Northport, Long Island areas until further notice.

Chicago, IL    Anyone interested in classes or  healing sessions or spirit parties, please contact me by phone or email.

*Email for class location/address

*Boston, MA Classes:No classes are set for the Boston area yet this year.  If interested in classes, healing sessions or spirit parties, let me know.  Please contact me if you would like to setup a class.

There is a cost of $50 for each class that is retaken.

**Please note: All students must complete the lower level class to move to the next higher class.