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After suffering from atrial fibrillation for a number of years and not really worrying about it, I decided to just go on with my life. My company moved me from the Chicago area to central Massachusetts in September, 1998. By November, I had to have electrocardiac conversion to put my heart back in rhythm. In January, 1999, I had an electrocardiogram that showed I needed 5 bypasses. The same night, I had my first of 5 heart attacks, but at least I was in the cardiac ward when I had it.

The next week I had quadruple bypass surgery. Six months later, as I was recovering, I had to have an angioplasty and three stents. Over the next couple years I went through 29 chelation therapy treatments, 2 full sets of external counter pulsation treatments ( 14 weeks of a 1 hour treatment every day 5 days a week) and went to the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD and participated in their stem cell therapy. None of the medical treatments took care of the pain, damage or continued buildup of blockages in my heart arteries. The doctors gave me less than 2 years to live

.When I moved to Phoenix, because the warm weather was better for my heart, I was taking a multitude of pills for my ailing heart, as well as up to sixteen nitroglycerin pills a day to keep the pain level down to a tolerable level. I was also in a scooter since walking, even short distances, caused severe heart pain.

By this time I had lived through at least 4 heart attacks and had little strength to do anything.I was introduced to Alex Hermosillo thru a new friend and after only 2 visits with Alex, my heart disease was gone. I went from living on a scooter to ballroom dancing for 2 ½ hours only 3 days after being healed. Alex used Master Energy Medicine to open my spirit up to the inherent God given gift of healing I always had, but never knew, to heal my heart disease and taught me the same healing technique. Having been so ill and being given a new chance to help others heal I can better feel what my clients feel and help them rid themselves of energies that can hurt and even kill them.

When I was healed, I also became empathic. As such, I can feel every emotion and pain in humans and animals. I was also given the ability to hear what animals think and feel, and use Master Energy Medicine to work on them, or in hearing what they think, I can communicate to the human world what is on their minds. It is a wondrous journey and one that I have been led to over a long path of life.