Fee Schedule

Group Medium Sessions:

Gatherings of no more than 8 individuals.  Will talk about all friends and relatives who show up for their loved-ones.  Cost is $80 per person.  Bring pictures of who you think might appear.  Having a picture and desire for specific individuals to show up does not guarantee they will, but you may be surprised who does come through!  This can include animals coming through also.  Will do individual sessions by phone or Skype for $100.  Would need picture of the individual having the session if session is by phone.

Animal Communication sessions:

30 to 40 minutes at a cost of $125 per reading on site. Each animal can take up to 40 minutes to get most of their feelings out and understand your desires. $20 for each additional 15 minutes. Telephone readings are $100, requiring a picture of the animal and a list of questions prior to the phone call with the “owner”. *   Animal Healing sessions: Each session is 40 minutes at a cost of $125. Depending on the extent of injury or illness, multiple sessions may be necessary. *  * A $60 trip charge will be added if the home or stable is farther than 25 minutes from Northport, NY.  

Gift Certificates available: please call for information