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Glen Phillips Energy Medicine Practitioner

  1. Energy Healing

  2. Everything on this earth is made of energy.  Rocks, plants, animals, humans are all made up of energy; each person, animal or object vibrates at a different level.  Understanding how good and bad energies effect humans and animals, and how to remove the unwanted or negative energy, gives the Master Energy Medicine or M.E.M. practitioner the ability to help others.  Master Energy Medicine is a non-invasive technique to rid the body of pain, discomfort, difficult emotions and disease. 
  3. Every cell in our bodies has a memory.  It remembers everything, good and bad, that has happened to us since the day we were born.  M.E.M. taps into the cells and removes all negative energies that are being stored.  After the negative energy is removed, filling the individual or animal with light energy restores the body to balance and allows healing. 
  4. With the body in balance, pain can be extensively lessened or completely removed.  Many people and animals who have had chronic pain for years are now pain free and no longer require medication.  Horses that founder are now back on their feet walking and playing without pain and without limping.  People who have had cancer and doctors have given up on them, are now cancer free and living normal happy lives without worry of relapses. 
  5. Remember I said that everything is made of energy.  This includes illnesses, i.e., cancers, ulcers, colic, etc.  Helping rid the individual of these energies and allowing light energies to focus on the effected areas, gives the body the opportunity to heal.  Many people with emotional problems including severe depression, OCD, bi-polar, fear, anger and sorrow are now happy and enjoying life again.